Civil War CDVs from the Crosman Album

Civil War CDVs from the Crosman Album
Closing Dates on eBay
: October 29 & 30, 2012
We are listing 100 items on ebay that are all from an album formed by Civil War General George Hampden Crosman and his wife. The Crosman album held ninety-eight cdv photos including a number of scarce and illusive cdvs of Union Generals, a number of cdvs of Union Generals with original autographs, and a clipped salutation signature of General Alexander Hays. These listings comprise all of the items that were found in the Crosman album. We are offering all of these items individually from the album as well as the empty album.

Half of the listings will start on Friday, October 19. The second half will begin on Saturday, October 20. The listings will close on Monday and Tuesday, October 29 and 30. The hours of the closings on each night will be from 6 PM to 9:25 PM Eastern Time.

Listed below are the cdvs of the Generals, other officers and soldiers with their rank, whether or not they are signed, and our reference numbers. Also listed is the salutation signature and the album. They are listed in the order in which they will be listed on ebay.

Ref. # Name

#5800 to 5849 will close on Monday, October 29, from 6 PM to 9:25 PM Eastern Time.
#5800. Commodore James Barron
#5801. Major Theodore Winthrop  
#5802. General Charles Ferguson Smith (engraving)
#5803. General David Hunter
#5804. General William Wallace Burns
#5805. General Henty Wager Halleck
#5806. General Charles Pomeroy Stone
#5807. General Edward Otho Cresap Ord
#5808. General George Archibald McCall
#5809. General William Farquhar Barry
#5810. General Kit Carson
#5811. Admiral John Adolphus Bernard Dahlgren
#5812. Admiral James Lawrence Lardner
#5813. General Alexander Stewart Webb
#5814. Commodore William David Porter
#5815. Admiral Andrew Hull Foote
#5816. Commodore Theodorus Bailey
#5817. General James Shields
#5818. General William Farrar Smith
#5819. General Alfred Howe Terry
#5820. General John Buford
#5821. Admiral Samuel Francis Dupont
#5822. General Jesse Lee Reno
#5823. General Seth Williams
#5824. Admiral David Dixon Porter
#5825. General Edwin Voss Sumner
#5826. General John McAllister Schofield
#5827. General John Alexander Logan
#5828. General George Armstrong Custer
#5829. General George Brinton McClellan
#5830. General William Buel Franklin
#5831. General Benjamin Henry Grierson
#5832. General Don Carlos Buell
#5833. Admiral John Rodgers
#5834. General George Stoneman
#5835. Admiral Oliver S. Glisson
#5836. Commodore William Inman Jr.
#5837. Admiral David Glasgow Farragut
#5838. General Lovell Harrison Rousseau
#5839. Lieutenant John Lorimer Worden
#5840. General Joseph King Fenno Mansfield
#5841. General Egbert Benson Brown
#5842. Colonel Ulric Dahlgren
#5843. General Thomas West Sherman
#5844. General Robert Anderson
#5845. General Gordon Granger
#5846. General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick
#5847. Unidentified Officer by Photographer Bogardus
#5848. Captain F. A. Elliot Zouaves
#5849. General Philip Henry Sheridan

#5850 to 5898 will close on Tuesday, October 30, from 6 PM to 9:25 PM Eastern Time.
#5850. General Nathaniel Lyon
#5851. Commodore Stephen Clegg Rowan
#5852. Admiral Samuel Livingston Breese
#5853. Commodore Donald McNeill Fairfax
#5854. Admiral Charles Wilkes
#5855. Commodore William Inman Jr.
#5856. General George Henry Sharpe
#5857. Colonel  J. Heron Foster, signed
#5858. General Alexander Hays, signed
#5858A. General Alexander Hays' signature
#5859. General Cuvier Grover, signed
#5860. General James McPherson, signed
#5861. John Hicks, Veteran of 3 U.S. Wars, signed
#5862. General William Averell, signed
#5863. General James McPherson, signed
#5864. Admiral Charles Stuart Boggs
#5865. General George Sykes, signed
#5866. General Andrew Atkinson Humphreys, signed
#5867. General Winfield Scott Hancock, signed
#5868. General Thomas William Sweeny, signed
#5869. General David Sloane Stanley, signed
#5870. General Gouverneur Kemble Warren, signed
#5871. General Benjamin Alvord, signed
#5872. General Truman Seymour, signed
#5873. General John Gray Foster, signed
#5874. General Isaac Jones Wistar, signed
#5875. General John Fulton Reynolds, signed
#5876. General John Sedgwick, signed
#5877. General George Henry Thomas, signed
#5878. General James Brewerton Ricketts, signed
#5879. General Winfield Scott, signed
#5880. General Joseph Hooker, signed
#5881. General William Starke Rosecrans, signed
#5882. General Alexander Hays, signed
#5883. General Christopher Augur, signed
#5884. General Gabriel René Paul, signed
#5885. General Ambrose Everett Burnside, signed
#5886. Unidentified Lieutenant Colonel 16th PA. Inf., signed but signature difficult to read.
#5887. General James McPherson & Staff, signed by McPherson
#5888. General George Gordon Meade, signed
#5889. General Quincy Adams Gillmore, signed
#5890. General Oliver Otis Howard, signed
#5891. General Samuel Peter Heintzelman, engraving, signed
#5892. General Darius Nash Couch, signed
#5893. General Daniel Butterfield, signed
#5894. Commander George U. Morris, signed
#5895. General William Tecumseh Sherman, signed
#5896. General Ulysses S. Grant, signed, plus note from Mrs. Grant on back.
#5897. General George Hampden Crosman
#5898. Empty Civil War Photo Album of General George Hampden Crosman              


Factors in determining the value of antique mechanical banks

Occasionally people send emails with questions about antique mechanical banks that probably occur to many people who don't collect or deal in antique mechanical banks. When Jim's  answer seems like one that might be of interest to many people, I will include it on the Banks page on our website and occasionally here on my blog as well.

This first answered question relates to factors to take into consideration in determining the value, and thus the price, of an antique mechanical bank.

August 23, 2012 Question received about our Mule Entering Barn Bank which is priced at $4,500:
Hi, dont mean to be rude but is that price for real?? i have one of these and I'd sell it to you for half that if your interested?

Jim's Answer:
Mule Entering Barn antique mechanical bankThank you for your email, interest, and mention that you have a Mule Entering Barn bank for sale. I have also had examples which I have sold for one half of this price (and still would if in inventory). I have also had examples which I have sold for under one tenth or less of this price (and still would if in inventory). Actually, I have even had examples which were complete and working that I sold for as little as $285. However, just like most items that people collect the precise condition of the specific example is critical in formulating the price. 

Banks are just like coins and stamps as condition is paramount in determination of price. Some coins which are $100 in one condition are $100,000 in another condition.

Several examples of Mule Entering Barn which are in identical condition and/or slightly better than ours have sold privately in the range of $6,500 to $9,500 several times. That was a few years ago when the economy was stronger and at a point that we turned down $6,500. for this exact bank as it was not for sale at that time.

Actually, I know of one example of the Mule Entering Barn that is in a collection which a friend of mine paid $16,000 for and I have offered him a profit for it. That bank is in a crisp original box and has 99.99% paint. It pays to keep in mind with banks that the the first 90% of the paint is worth less than the last 10%, the first 97% is worth less than the last 3%, and the first 99% is worth less than the last 1%.


Peanut Butt

And for dessert I'll have a piece of the Peanut Butt!


Antique Ideal Teddy Bear - closing July 22, '12

Antique Ideal Teddy Bear

I've dealt in antique teddy bears for a long time. Recently I bought three nice old teddys: a white Knickerbocker from the forties, an early gold Ideal bear pictured here, and a fine black teddy bear whose maker is a mystery. Our ebay auction for the Ideal bear will be closing on July 22.



Vintage Mug Shots: Jane Thompson AKA Gordon

The best vintage mug shots I've ever seen. This is one. There are more in the Flickr photostream of the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. The criminal faces of North Shields, England.

Via Flickr:
Name: Jane Thompson AKA Gordon
Arrested for: Thief
Arrested at: North Shields Police Station
Arrested on: 13th July 1904
Tyne and Wear Archives ref: DX1388-1-35-Jane Thompson AKA Gordon

These images are a selection from an album of photographs of prisoners brought before the North Shields Police Court between 1902 and 1916 in the collection of Tyne & Wear Archives (TWA ref DX1388/1).

Copyright) We're happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons. Please cite 'Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums' when reusing. Certain restrictions on high quality reproductions and commercial use of the original physical version apply though; if you're unsure please email archives@twmuseums.org.uk.